Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Listen :: Porches drops 'Water' EP and 'Black Dress' video

Words: Ellie Ward

After releasing the 'Pool' album last year, Brooklyn’s Porches - Aaron Maine - is following it with the upcoming 'Water' EP.

To be released on limited edition cassette on September 2 through Domino, 'Water' includes stripped-down versions of 'Pool' tracks, along with two unreleased songs: 'Black Dress' and 'Black Budweiser T-Shirt'.

Aaron Maine on ‘Water’:
"i spent the first year after releasing slow dance in the cosmos teaching myself how to record music. i ended up with a bunch of pretty realized demos for songs that ended up on "pool" during that process. it was a loose and explorative time for me. i wanted to release a select few of these "demos" because i always find the excitement captured by recording a song when you first write it to be almost impossible to recreate later down the line. i chose to rerecord all of the songs that were to be on pool because i felt like by the time i had a batch of songs that i felt would make an album, i had grown as a producer and wanted to give them another pass. either way it's fun to listen back to these earlier versions of the songs and remember how they first existed."

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