Thursday, August 18, 2016

Track Of The Day :: Tom Prettys - Shelf Life

Photo: Paige Clark

Words: LB

After meeting through Facebook last year, Melbourne’s Tom Prettys have just this week launched their debut single 'Shelf Life' onto the ears of the world.

You may not have heard of the Oz quartet before now - and you may detect their influences when you do here - but once you've heard this first offering you'll be eager for their next - which fortunately is already lined up for October.

It's easy to hear a touch of Morrissey about singer Matt Steyn's vocals, as they lead the sub-four-minute, post-punk track with pop undertones through a wash of some delightfully worked lo-fi guitar, carried on crashing cymbals and an infectious quality that wraps it up nicely.

And if 'Shelf Life' wasn't already good enough, what tips it over into must-play-on-repeat comes around the 1:12-1:13 minute mark with the unexpected little growl that Matt emits. Trust us on this.

Tom Prettys are: Matt Steyn - vocals, Tom Graham - guitar, Pete Lykouras - guitar, Jeri Karmelic - drums

More info: FACEBOOK

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