Monday, September 19, 2016

** PREMIERE ** BLUSH - Crying Glitter

Words: Linn Branson

The Essex four-piece BLUSH have been on the Little Indie radar now since we introduced here a year ago.

Snapped up by happening indie label End Of The Trail Records, their debut single 'Daggers' brought them to the notice of both industry and fans alike, furthered by the release of second single 'WRNG' - a Little Indie video premiere here in May.

Now the band - think part Strokes, part Wire - are striking out with their newest single 'Crying Glitter' - out on November 25 via End Of The Trail Records - which we honestly rate as arguably their best yet, showing a definite progression in both sound and production.

With a catchy repeated line of "You make me shiver / shiver..." that will stick in your head, the track takes a rockier pitch to 'WRNG', yet is still anchored by jangly guitars and biting drums. Ben Rotherham adds the vocal layer, which with his raw, borderline bluesy, delivery nails a vital component of emotion to the textures.

The story behind the song, we are told by Ben, involves a hot girl (we think that is in the phwoar sense, as opposed to the sweating one) adorned with face paint: "This girl I saw at a nightclub was quite hot, and looking at her, with all this glitter she had on her facd, she looked like she had cried glitter all over herself."

Live dates

20 London The Victoria, Dalston
26 London Hard Rock Cafe Freshers 2016

20 London Artbeat

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