Monday, October 10, 2016

Track Of The Day :: Lejon Brames - Why Do I Hate Summer So Much?

Words: Sam Geary

Dreamy debut from Dazy Crown's (a Track Of The Day here in their own right back in July) Thomas Little on his solo outing under the moniker Lejon Brames.

'Why Do I Hate Summer So Much?' is taken from the upcoming EP 'okay, listen close', out October 21 via Hazy Dog Records, by the Norwich-based, Canadian artist.

Combining a lo-fi surfy-psych texture with a certain melancholic element, it is lightened by the uplifting guitars and smooth, ambient flow, while Little supplies the very listenable vocal.

"This song is quite unapologetically sad," says Little/Brames. "It talks about — in quite a straightforward fashion — my summer of couch-surfing, not having a house, being alone, and hating it. When finding a place to stay for more than a few nights, I started writing and recording some new songs, and actually sort of liked them. I was in a new frame of mind, and wanting a bit of a new beginning. I was watching an episode of The Office (U.S), and Dwight said to Daryl “I’m gonna make you look like Lebron James”, to which Daryl responds “It’s Lejon Brames”. I love The Office. I love basketball. It just had to be that. So here we are; a sad lil dude with some tunes to share."

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