Monday, November 07, 2016

Album Review :: JAWS - Simplicity



November 4 2016 (self-released)


Words: Alison Mack

The 11-track follow-up album to their 2014 debut LP 'Be Slowly' from Birmingham's JAWS sees a band refining and maturing their sound - despite its opening title track ‘Just A Boy’ where Connor Schofield tells us he is "just a boy / but I’ll be a better man” over grunge-infused guitars, whilst album standout ‘Right In Front Of Me’, we see the band’s development, employing a wash of echo and brooding DIIV-esque guitars behind Schofield’s post-punk vocals, also echoed on the dreamy 'Work It Out' with pumping beat and hazy effected vocals.

Slow-builder ‘17’ is a haunting and assured dance track that over its stomping bass and electronic synths and beats its strong lyrics - “there’s a beast on my back / got his claws down my neck” - feel anxiety-ridden and personal; while the uptempo catchy chorus of  ‘What We Haven’t Got Yet’ is chilled and memorable. 'Simplicity' shows a band furthering their exploration of identity from dreamgaze to a wave of electro-pop. No bad thing at all and makes this record sound all the better for it.

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