Monday, November 21, 2016

EP Review :: SHEAFS - Nobody's Watching


Nobody's Watching

November 25 2016 (self release)


Words: Kenny Davies

Sheffield five-piece SHEAFS have already built up something of a fanbase through their early tracks ‘Anticipation, No Consolation’ and 'Punchline', and they now end a very full year with their debut EP release.

First up on 'Nobody's Watching' is 'Acting On Emergency', a fast full on hundred-miles-an-hour opening statement. Coming in at just under two minutes long, the song flows effortlessly along with punchy, squealing guitar riffs with power packed drums creating a fluid foundation for the lyrics to recall a tale of a night on the town, drinking and girls.

The title track showcases some excellent drumming patterns throughout and the band's ear for creating great guitar licks. The song has some nice little breakdowns, with some rumbling bass that starts to build up towards the end, introducing drums and a tempo rise, with Lawrence Feenstra jumping back in to take the song to a final full blast end.

'One Simple Rumour' starts out with an almost nightmarish bass line which is then intertwined with a guitar riff and drums. Lyrics with evil undertones of trickery and rumours give this song an intense feeling throughout and showcases the band's ability to convey a dark and moody atmosphere that climaxes with pounding drums, bass and an intense guitar line.

EP closer 'Take Your Exit And Leave Through The Side Door', spends its opening 50 seconds combining ringing guitar riffs and pounding drums that set the scene of a desolate and despairing situation. With shouts of "why's everyone so desperate", along with the melodic bass lines and ringing guitar riffs, it paints a picture of night gone wrong.

Sounding menacing, accomplished and full of confidence, SHEAFS are a band to watch out for. Go buy the EP and then enjoy these songs live when they perform in a venue near you, which will be pretty soon on the evidence of the material here.

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