Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Track Of The Day :: The Regrettes - Seashore

Words: Ellie Ward

That LA garage punk-popsters The Regrettes are still just in their mid-teens is impressive enough, to turn out something like 'Seashore', but the fact that they have only been “officially” a band since early this year, makes their rise even more so.

With Warner Brothers snapping them up, this first track is an indication of what is likely to be on 'Feel Your Feelings Fool!', out on January 13 2017.

The four-piece, led by precocious 15-year old frontwoman Lydia Night, feed their 50s/60s-era inspirations - “cupcake punk” - into catchy melodies and a way with wry lyrics on 'Seashore', a track which doesn't hold back with the finger: “You’re talking to me like I’m dumb / Well I’ve got news I’ve got a lot to say / There’s nothing you can do to take that away / You’re talking to me like I’m hurt / But at least I’m not six feet in the dirt / And I’ll still kick your ass in my skirt.”

A band who very definitely will be "kickin ass" next year.

The Regrettes are: Lydia Night (vocals/guitar), Genessa Gariano (guitar), Sage Chavis (bass), Maxx Morando (drums).

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