Tuesday, December 06, 2016

Album Review :: Drawstring - Cool



December 2 2016 (Beth Shalom Records)


Words: Ellie Ward

The bedroom recording project of two Tunbridge Wells 18-year-old emos, Ben Schulze and Sam Shepherd, this debut album from the pair was recorded over a seven-day period back in June, which, considering it contains 11 tracks, is fairly good going. They've already aired the likes of double A-sider single 'School'/'Chicago Town' in October, and an EP, so many will know already whether this will be to their taste or not; and if the latter, the songs mostly hovering around the two minute mark leave no chance of getting bored.

Aside from some fairly clever instrumentation and guitarwork - as on opening track 'Melon', and the express train-paced title track - where they fair best are on the likes of the infectious 'Little Conversation' (particularly with its guitar solo midway through), molded around vocal harmonies and 'School' which stands out on its vibrancy and raw zeal.

'They Know I’m Not Okay', largely a ponderous instrumental, and 'Ache' both bring things down, whilst the re-recorded 'Johnny B Bad' (which they first put out in 2014) rounds things off. Now extended in length (from 2:30 to 3:19, plus sticking an 'h' in the name which wasn't there previously) is clever in its filtering of off-kilter mathy elements that switch back and forth, and leaves a fitting 'watch this space' endpoint to the album.

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