Friday, December 30, 2016

Introducing :: RedFaces

Words: Izzy B

Emerging Sheffield indie teen rock 'n' rollers RedFaces aired their debut single 'Kerosene' the week before Christmas.

Added to that, they have a full tour set for early 2017, starting January 20 - see poster below for full guide - so their faces are likely to be ones we'll be seeing a fair bit of over the next 12 months.

The four-piece first emerged in 2014 when all were still aged just a mere 15 (with vocalist Harry Lyon only 13 years old), putting out an EP, 'Here To Stay',which was recorded in Sheffield with Joel White and Martin Smith in October 2013 (as is the way of things, you'll be lucky to find that now).

A year later - while still studying for A-levels - they were back with a demo, 'Katie Come Home', which was to set them off in getting noticed. This year they have been busy readying new material as well as getting themselves signed to a major label (RCA), which all in all, ain't too bad.

Neither is their newest track 'Kerosene', officially released on February 3 2017. Fierce and punchy with inspiration drawn from 90s indie combined with an alt-rock flavour, it shows RedFaces have a distinctly upbeat, 21st century edge to their sound - which makes them a hot, young prospect for 2017.

RedFaces are: Harry Lyon (vocals/guitar), Isaac White (bass/ backing vocals), Ryan Laycock (guitar/backing vocals), Charlie Yapp (drums).

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