Monday, December 12, 2016

** PREMIERE ** Fond Of Rudy - Say Something

Words: Linn Branson

Officially released on December 16, Brighton/London-based calypso pop quartet Fond Of Rudy are giving Little Indie an early taste of their latest single, 'Say Something'.

The new track follows 'The Line' which we featured in August, and 'Are You Ready?' from the beginning of 2016, and comes from the band's forthcoming EP ‘TWO', which drops next year.

"Lyrically, it describes the traits of a person who tends to panic and can't let the tiniest of things slide, 'mountains out of molehills' is a term that comes to mind," says vocalist Matt Ahwal about 'Say Something'.

The hook-rippled, three-minute track presents as a melodic palette of dark sounding low end synth and bright guitar melody to leave you with a blend of dance and infectious 80s-esque rhythms.

Fond Of Rudy are: Matt Ahwal - vocals, rhythm guitar; Ross Lower - lead guitar, backing vocals; Otto Metaxas - bass, sampler, backing vocals; Si Davies - drums, sampler, backing vocals.

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  1. Wow, what a pleasant song! It has that positive vibe of the 1980's. I've never heard of that band before. Btw, do you know the origin of the name? I'm wondering what they meant by putting there the word 'Rudy'. I'm from Poland and the first association I found was the famous Polish tank Rudy... but I don't think they would know about it or be interested in Polish tanks. :D

    Voytehovna x