Thursday, January 12, 2017

Diet Cig reveal 'Tummy Ache' from April scheduled debut album

Words: Sam Geary

Nes York slop poppers Diet Cig have revealed their debut album, ‘Swear I’m Good At This‘, is to be released on April 7 via Frenchkiss Records.

And to keep you going until then, they have shared ‘Tummy Ache‘ from the record.

“‘Tummy Ache’ is all about unpacking the feeling of approaching punk with radical softness, and the struggle when it’s not always read as powerful or cool or whatever enough. It’s the shout into my pillow when what I’m saying isn’t being heard, and a big old I FEEL YA to all the femme folks creating space for themselves in a world that wants to keep us quiet.”

'I Swear I’m Good At This' Tracklist

Bite Back
Link in Bio
Maid of the Mist
Barf Day
Bath Bomb
Blob Zombie
Road Trip
I Don’t Know Her
Tummy Ache

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