Friday, January 13, 2017

Listen :: Tame Impala's Cameron Avery is 'Wasted On Fidelity'

Words: Ellie Ward

'Wasted On Fidelity" is the new track from Australian-born, New York City-based Cameron Avery, taken from his upcoming debut solo album 'Ripe Dreams, Pipe Dreams,' out on March 10.

The singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist, known for his work as the touring bassist for Tame Impala, offers a deep baritone vocal set aside a sound driven by his soulful wit and sweeping arrangements on this single which is a wry glimpse into the debauched haze following a failed relationship.

“My mindset at the time was that the only way I could provide happiness for myself is if I paid for it,” Avery explains. “The lyric says, ‘I gave myself to the sure things’; if I bought a beer, or a whiskey, or other such indulgences I got to consume them…But it’s kind of a dark mindset when you think about it: attempting to buy happiness.”

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