Monday, January 23, 2017

EP Review :: Dead Natives - Something Strange


Dead Natives

Something Strange

January 13 2017 (self release)


Words: Richard Cobb

Nobody’s really been crying out for a Britpop resurgence in 2017. It’s done and dusted as far as a lot of people are concerned. Whilst a veil was momentarily lifted and fond memories were remembered when ‘Supersonic’ was released last year, it was immediately replaced a few hours later.

That infamous era in the mid-nineties was to blame for many a Virgin Megastores bargain bin full of diluted and heavily manufactured acts with minimal shelf-life, substance or credibility. However, it’s also inspired a new-generation of bands that have put a fresh spin on it, such as; Arctic Monkeys, The Courteeners, Blossoms and now Dead Natives following in their footsteps.

For the four London/Surrey locals' debut EP, they have come up with something sounding quite huge. Opening with the title track, the bass, guitar and drums perfectly complement the Richard Ashcroft and Liam Gallagher inspired vocals from frontman Liam Dutch. Midway standout 'Room With A View' continues on a catchy melodic chorus and flowing guitar, while four-minute end track and last of the three, 'Coast To Coast', may be the less striking of the three on initial hearing, it could turn out to be a quiet grower.

Production-wise - this side taken care of by Jon Cowan at Cat & Dog Media - ‘Something Strange’ is very impressive and the record sounds like some of the heavier tracks from The Coral at they’re at their best.

Virgin Megastores isn’t here anymore, but even if it were I don’t think Dead Natives would need worry about being anywhere near those bargain bins with songs like these.

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