Sunday, January 29, 2017

Introducing :: HeadAche

Words: Izzy B

Though not strictly new (they have been around since early 2015), Hertfordshire-based four-piece HeadAche - who describe themselves as "somewhere between a hardcore punk band and a pop group" - have just released their self-titled album at the beginning of January, so you can decide yourselves where you think their sounds lies. For me, there's a touch of Loom crossed with some Bad Breeding, with an additional post-punk element.

There's a listenable, catchy quality to some of the record's ten tracks, whereas others offer that punk force of heavy drums, and angsty delivery.

Check out my favourite three tracks above.

HeadAche are: Johnny Bannister - vocals/guitar, Jay Majer - bass, Michael Button - guitar, vocals, Leon Parsons - drums.

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