Monday, January 16, 2017

Track Of The Day :: Flashes - The Upset

Words: Izzy B

Not sure what it is about 'The Upset', except that it didn't - upset me - but grew more enjoyable as it progressed, so that by its end it was guaranteed further plays.

Recorded in a run-down 19th century chapel in Cornwall, this is the newest offering from four-piece Flashes (first featured here in 2013). With two albums ('Latency' and 'Flashes') behind them plus a number of one-off singles, they are not new as such, but 'The Upset' may be to many listeners.

The track is lifted from their forthcoming EP 'Rzhev' and was released last Friday (January 13). It's a bit of a "dark psyched-out tale of perceived reality", which combines electronic elements with guitar and bass to an hypnotic effect.

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