Monday, January 30, 2017

[Video] Luxury Death - Glue

Manchester duo Ben Thompson and Meg Williams, aka Luxury Death, return with the video for their new single 'Glue'.

The 'Glue' EP releases on February 24 via PNKSLM Recordings on limited edition vinyl and digital, and includes the band's debut single 'Radiator Face', two new tracks
and 'Glue'.

The duo describe the track of glitchy keys, off-kilter guitars and soft harmonies, as "a conversation between two lovers at different stages in their lives. They are chained together; simultaneously holding each other close; pulling each other apart. Glue is an expression of that tight, unbalanced unity."

The video was directed by Lucas Chemotti. "The chains were the first piece of imagery I wanted to use in the video. When I showed Ben and Meg I could tell they were just as happy with it. The comparison of harsh materials like barbwire or chains with playful dancing felt very anti-luxury to me. More important than the imagery to me however was the 'raw' feeling you get watching it. I wanted to make a video that sustained that feeling from start to finish."

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