Sunday, February 12, 2017

Introducing :: Camelia Spritz

Words: Linn Branson

Depending where you may look on the internet, Camelia Spritz is either a cocktail (green tea and celery ice cubes crushed with gin, sake and lime juice), or a new music artist - with not a lot online about them.

As we sit dipping a straw and paper umbrella into our cocktail, through our ears comes the few tracks that have been unveiled online by Rotherham-raised, now Monmouth-based musician Sarah Griffin and producer / keyboardist Tom Manning - Camelia Spritz. The two also worked together on Griffin's second solo album 'The Beloved', released last year.

Camelia Spritz is their new project formed over the last few months, but has already come to the notice of Adam Walton on BBC Radio Wales. Hard not to with Griffin's captivatingly clear voice sounding out over hypnotic beats and swells of instrumentation.


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