Thursday, February 02, 2017

** PREMIERE ** Kasakela - Feel The Change

Words: Linn Branson

We last heard from Kasakela In September with 'Shouldtn't Do'. Now the ex-Southend, Essex-based (currently scattered around the country at different universities) five-piece return with their newest single, which Little Indie can share here for a first hearing.

'Feel The Change', out today (February 2), is seen as an important release as it's a change of sound to their previous material.

"It's a song about cycles, positive change and reinvention that feels particularly resonant with us in the disturbing and unprecedented times of global unrest heading into 2017," say the band. "It's least compromising track to date and a step up in energy, as a mesh of both some of our most aggressive and most subdued material to date."

Whilst 'Feel The Change' retains Joel Costi-Mouiya's distinctive and compelling vocal, unlike 
'Shouldn't Do's lighter synth-driven feel, we now we see the band taking on a bolder, darker sonic approach, fusing a heavier drum sound against a sonic wall of seering guitar riffs that build across the track's five-minute-plus duration.

Tune in below.

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