Wednesday, February 01, 2017

** VIDEO PREMIERE ** Fabrics - Fiction

Words: Linn Branson

The Basingstoke four-piece going under the name of Fabrics first made their entrance early last spring with their absorbing debut single 'Beachhead'.

Little Indie was slightly off mark when we said then they were a band we "could be hearing a lot more of in the future", as although there has been a smattering of live shows including a BBC Introducing Reading with Tempesst last November, and a follow up to 'Beachhead' with the equally engrossing 'Fiction', various managerial and internal issues have kept them from really making the headway they deserve.

The immediately likeable and infectiously rhythmic style of 'Fiction' is being reintroduced with a somewhat belated video accompaniment - which Little Indie is pleased to bring you first view of below - and which hopefully will now set Fabrics back on course in 2017.

Filmed and directed by Wailing Banshee (a Basingstoke film company) and shot in various places in Basingstoke and London, the song itself, the band's drummer Tom Messenger tells us, is about "slipping out of reality and coping with anxiety due to eating some magical mushrooms". Which may well explain why we see the band in a live performance setting, intercut with a spaceman trying to hitch a lift to Mars, then going off around town and getting into plenty of action - before a surprise twist ending.

Watch below.

Fabrics play Basingstoke's Sanctuary on February 11 with Habitats.

Fabrics are: John Simpson - vocals, guitar; Adam Hailstone - guitar; Jordan Stickland - bass; Tom Messenger - drums.

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