Tuesday, February 07, 2017

[Video] St. Tropez - Democracy

Words: Sam Geary

Since having first heard of Amsterdam-based garage band St. Tropez in late 2014 - and then 'outing' the then mystery outfit - they have gone on to become familiar on both record and live in the UK.

Now they unveil new track ‘Democracy’, taken from their upcoming EP ‘Debate’, to be released on February 23.

Check out Sanja Marusic's video above.

“In the video a ‘man without qualities’ travels through the surrealistic landscapes of Utah, California, Nevada, New Mexico and Arizona," explain the Dutch quartet. "Instead of the classical western hero with an innate sense of doing the right thing, this man has no characteristics. He only reflects his surroundings; no dreams, hopes or ideals. Although the faceless protagonist would like to blend into the landscape, anonymously disappearing into the overwhelming vista his shiny suit only makes him stand out in the desert sun.”

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