Friday, February 10, 2017

[Video] Xiu Xiu - Get Up

Words: Ellie Ward

Directed by Marty Marquez, experimental art rock trio Xiu Xiu share the video to accompany 'Get Up', taken from upcoming new album 'FORGET', out on February 24 via Polyvinyl Records.

Produced by John Congleton (Sleater-Kinney, Sigur Ros), 'Get Up' is a quivering slow one of low-key guitars and percussion that opens on the lines: "A piano fell on my face / You told me to get up / When I could not control myself / You say to get up."

Visually 'Get Up' is depicted by Noemi Gonzalez featuring as an aimless spirit.

Says Marquez: ”‘Get Up’ was pulled together by my somehow convincing a bunch of people to bring their expertise, their thousands of dollars worth of equipment and blindly (stupidly?) trusting me with it. Shot outside of LA in a not-to-be-named industrial area, what you see is the product of a guerilla production at its finest; no permits, no permission, leaping fires, basically everything you’re NOT supposed to do when trying to fly under the radar. But, nobody, not even passing cops, gave us a second glance, even though a crew of 10 was following our beautiful actress around with a ridiculous amount of equipment on private property. Amazingly there were no injuries, no street hassles and we got what we needed.”

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