Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Watch :: The Sherlocks release relationship themed video for 'Was It Really Worth It?'

Words: Ellie Ward

We previewed the upcoming single from The Sherlocks here recently, and now the band release their video to accompany 'Was It Really Worth It?', which is out on March 17.

The video is directed by Aella Jordan-Edge and stars Kiersten Wareing (Fishtank, EastEnders, The Take) and newcomer Connor McCarron (Neds) following the dysfunctional couple's relationship deterioration.

Says director Aella Jordan-Edge: "This video is about the lengths you'll go to impress someone. [It] opens at the beginning of the end of a relationship, already fraught with tension because of a large age gap between the two lovers. We empathize with McCarron's character as he becomes increasingly desperate to stay with his older girlfriend, played by Wareing. At the video climax McCarron breaks out into dance and performs a human peacocking ritual, ending with an ejaculation of a confetti gun. Wareing remains suitably unimpressed which leaves McCarron to ponder "Was it really worth it?' like the title track."

Check out current tour dates for the Sheffield four-piece here.

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