Saturday, April 01, 2017

Introducing :: Moondude

Credit: Ash Kingston

Words: Linn Branson

After sharing a demo online, 'Wait For You' early last year, followed by a summer unofficial debut single (which never had a full release) 'Something' earning them attention and radio airplay, south-Londoners Moondude are now hitting up the action with both a new release and a handful of live shows.

Honing their craft around the live circuit during 2016, Moondude combine swaying dreampop elements with a smattering of melodic Americana-gaze dusted over the top.

Vocalist and songwriter Alex Hannaway has put out a note attached to new - and 'official debut single' - 'Displaced', saying:

"Dear people,

This song is about those who have power but want more and more of it, because of this it's also about the people who are directly affected by their astonishing greed. 

They lie shamelessly to people who need a scapegoat, flogging plan-less imagery and false hope (American dreams and village greens) to alleviate the pain that lives in people. To those people in pain who have no labour or industry left - ripped apart by the populists (Boris, Nigel, and Gove's) pin-up girl a long time ago. 

This protectionist, skeptic, rhetoric barrier gets stronger while a continent of people, a diaspora seek refuge, need refuge, because their homes, families, jobs, and memories have been destroyed. These  are people who have not asked to be displaced. 

Culture is not built by geography, by place. It is something that lives in people, in people who have been travelling for millions of years. it is constant change. It isn't a sophists gob! It isn't a wall! 

Anyway that's my interpretation of displaced."

Moondude play live tonight (April 1) in Brighton. See all dates below.

Live dates

01 The Hope & Ruin, Brighton (w/ Sugarmen)
02 Total Refreshment Centre, Dalston, London
14 The Nines, Peckham, London
21 Komedia, Brighton (w/ Haus & Plaza)

Moondude are: Alex Hannaway -  vocals, Guy Smith - bass, Jakob Falcon - guitar, Alb Cleghorn - guitar, Alex Paveley - drums.

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