Monday, May 08, 2017

The Great Escape Artist Q + A :: Ten Tonnes

Continuing our Great Escape festival artist previews of must see acts, we next take time out with Ten Tonnes.

Ten Tonnes, aka 19-year-old Hertford singer-songwriter Ethan Barnett, released his impressive debut single ‘Silver Heat’ - produced by Hugo White (The Maccabees) - in March, which showed Barnett as a confident and adept lyricist as well as singer. Sharp presentation in a surprisingly upbeat way that reminds of Jamie T, Barnett has just shared the title track to June released EP, 'Born To Lose'.

1. First time at TGE?


2. Are you a seasoned Escaper as a punter, or a first-time newbie?
I'm a first time newbie. I've heard good things though.

3. Will you be a Brighton day-tripper or staying for the whole event?

I'm not sure yet actually. I guess we'll have to wait and see.

4. The highlight of your set will be...?

Highlights are usually something that comes in hindsight, so I don't know yet. Hopefully the set will go well and people enjoy it.

5. Where will we be likely to find you after your set: at the bar, on the beach, stuffing fish n chips, or other?

A combination of those three.

6. Aside from building sand(-or probably more pebble-)castles on the beach with your little bucket and spade, what else will you be up to in Brighton?

I'll be wandering about, there's some other bands I want to see so I'll be seeing them.

7. Who else playing at TGE are you hoping to see yourself, or would recommend others should put on their must see list?

The Magic Gang are always great live. Will Joseph Cook is great too. There's loads of wicked artists playing this year.

8. Please give your festival appearance/s, venues and stage times.

Friday 19th May at The Prince Albert, 7.15.

9. Any tips for festival goers?

Have fun, stay hydrated.

10. Complete this sentence: "You must see us at The Great Escape because..."
... because it'll be good!

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The Great Escape takes place at various venues across Brighton between May 18 - 20. Click here for further information.

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