Monday, May 22, 2017

[Video] PLGRMS - Dream You Up

Animated by Wobbly Lobster, check out the video by Australian duo - singer-songwriter Jacob Pearson and multi-instrumentalist / producer Jonathan Bowden - PLGRMS for their single 'Dream You Up'.

Showing a darker, more brooding sound compared to previous singles, 'Dream You Up' stands up to its name, both in its sound and lyrics. Jonathan’s skittering electronic production marries together seamlessly with singer Jacob’s warm vocals.

"We’ve always been really keen to do an animated video," say the pair. "‘Dream You Up’ seemed the perfect song to do it. Working with Stephen Smith (of Wobblylobster in the UK) has been great. He has really captured the mood of the song visually, taking the viewer on an abstract journey where make-believe is reality."

A song that appears to be about exploring dreams, travelling through various conscious states and frames of mind, ‘Dream You Up’ marks an impressive return for the duo.

Watch above.

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