Friday, May 19, 2017

Watch :: ‘Little Hugh’ dancing lookalikes in big Hugh's 'GO'

Words: Ellie Ward

London-based Hugh’s video for new single 'GO' features ‘Little Hugh’ dancing lookalikes, embodying the energy and spirit of Hugh's vocalists Joshua Idehen and Izzy Brooks of the genre-fusing quartet.

Choreographed by Michael Peter Johnson and produced by the photography and design duo Anna Brooks and Katie Callaghan, of the concept Anna says:  "We wanted to create a transient narrative that flowed between the four characters with ‘Little Hugh’ embodying the energy and spirit of Joshua and Izzy". On the choice of location, Katie adds: "Colour was also very important. We needed a location that matched the subtle aesthetic and the soft hues of greens and blues across the school’s empty changing rooms, corridors and gymnasium felt quite timeless".

Taken from their debut album ‘Love, Hugh’ out on May 25, the electro-pop track sees the band balance analogue and digital, melding vocals with glowing lyrical guitar and futuristic sizzling synths, that combine for a vibrant house-cum-pop beat.

Watch below.

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