Thursday, May 25, 2017

Watch out for BlackWaters to thrash Camden Rocks (and possible nakedness) - Q+A

London's Camden Rocks starts rockin the streets of Camden on Saturday June 3.

If you still haven't got around to working out just who to see, we will be suggesting a few names we are banking on over the coming week.


Another band who made a big impression at The Great Escape with their multiple rammed room sets. BlackWaters are four 18-year-old indie thrashers from Guildford. Watch out for frontman Max Tanner who's liable to come out at ya if you're front row-ing when you least expect it.

Camden Rocks - this your first time 'rocking Camden'?

No, this is actually our second time. Last year we played The Hawley Arms - proper good vibes.

Do you have any special treats planned for your festival fans on the day?

David [Carpenter, guitarist] might get naked - I'm not promising it. If we had a surprise we wouldn't tell you.

Do you have a different focus playing festivals to a standard gig?

I mean it depends on the crowd, doesn't it?! If they're feeling it then we can play to any audience. If we give it some balls then people tend to as well.

Where will you be playing and time?

Belushi's, 9pm. Come hang.

What is your favourite song in your set?

Favourite song to play is 'So Far Out' and 'Help Me' which we haven't released yet.

What do you like best about festival gigs?

Festivals like Camden Rocks, 2Q, Live At Leeds and The Great Escape are the best. Everyone's just running round town usually wankered, trying to find the venues. But the whole 'festival vibe' is the best thing.

Ever had a festival disaster?

We played a festival in Hastings about two years ago and Dave's guitar stopped working in this heavy metal pub. There was about two people there and they already seemed to hate us. So yeah, that was great.

Can you remember the first festival you ever went to as a punter?

It's a mix between us of Reading Fest and V fest (when the line-up was good). Reading's good when your of age, but once you pass 18 there's not much point.

Before or after the crowds catch your set at Camden Rocks, who else would be your festival must-see tip?

Should definitely try and catch our man Carl and his Jackals. Pulled Apart By Horses are fuckin' mad; heard they put on a show.

Who else will you try and see on the day?

Will definitely try and catch Yonaka as they are friends of ours. Might try and catch False Heads as well if they're not on at the same time as us.

Find out more about BlackWaters here

For tickets and further information on Camden Rocks, visit here.

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