Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Yungblud gets ready to rock Camden Rocks - Q+A

London's Camden Rocks starts rockin the streets of Camden on Saturday June 3.

If you still haven't got around to working out just who to see, we will be suggesting a few names we are banking on over the next 10 days.


Yungblud, aka Doncaster-based Dominic Harrison, blew us away at The Great Escape this past weekend with his two incendiary sets. His debut single 'King Charles' is a no-holds-barred track that blends catchy, sharp lyrics delivered with intensity, alongside break-beats and driving guitar in a passionate rage against the system who he feels have ignored his generation. He may be just 19, but he surely knows how to whip up a crowd and get everyone rockin. Expect an equal performance to ensue in Camden Town.

Camden Rocks - this your first time 'rocking Camden'?

It is. Camden Rocks virgin right here!

Do you have any special treats planned for your festival fans on the day?

I do indeed… megaphones, tambourines, fireworks, dancers the whole shabang!…well maybe not for this one, but I do have a megaphone!

Do you have a different focus playing festivals to a standard gig?

There is definitely a different vibe in the crowd and it's fun/weird playing in daylight, but I don't think the focus changes - I just do my thing!

Where will you be playing and time?

4PM at The Good Mixer.

What is your favourite song in your set?

Probably my latest release 'King Charles'. Get my dance moves out.

What do you like best about festival gigs?

At a festival everyone is surrounded by music constantly: you literally have no choice but to get 100% involved. Hostility gets thrown out the window and that's sick!

Ever had a festival disaster?

Not as of yet, but I think that’s keeping me on my toes!

Can you remember the first festival you ever went to as a punter?

For sure - it was Download and I was 11-years-old. Changed my life.

Before or after the crowds catch your set at Camden Rocks, who else would be your festival must-see tip?

Carl Barat and the Jackals, The Coral and The King Blues.

Who else will you try and see on the day?

As above. I was a big fan of them growing up.

Find out more about Yungblud here.

For tickets and further information about Camden Rocks, head here.

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