Thursday, June 22, 2017

Cabbage share first track 'Celebration Of A Disease' from their forthcoming EP

Words: Ellie Ward

Cabbage have just aired the first track 'Celebration Of A Disease' to come from their forthcoming new EP, 'The Extended Play Of Cruelty', which they recorded with Rich Turvey and The Coral's James Skelly at Liverpool's Parr Street Studios, and will be released digitally on July 21 and on CD, cassette and 12" vinyl on August 25.

The EP marks the Mossley band's first release since signing to Infectious (Drenge, Alt J).

Speaking about the release, Cabbage say; "'The Extended Play Of Cruelty' is our revisited conquest to our pop psychological platitudes. The deceit of man tests all in a moment of clarity and we deliver our position in a long search for Utopia. Our blend of fervent distain is focused on local frustrations, whilst celebrating those who shall rise through the ashes.”

‘The Extended Play Of Cruelty’ Tracklist:

1. Celebration Of A Disease
2. Fraudulent Artist
3. A Network Betrayal
4. Ertrinken
5. Asa Morley

Listen to lead track 'Celebration Of A Disease' - which was inspired by an essay on pornography by veteran Throbbing Gristle and Chris & Cosey performance artist Cosey Fanni Tutti - below.

“Cosey talked about porn in the 70s,” explains Cabbage’s Lee Broadbent. “You’d expect it to have been a nasty business then, but she said there was something artistic about it at that time. But she says it’s now pure capitalism, where everyone – especially the women – is treated badly, that there’s no artistic platform in it. Pornography now and lad culture put massive expectations on the relationship between men and women. It creates barriers between men and women, and sends out the message to men that it’s OK to be chauvinistic. It’s the celebration of a disease.”

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