Friday, June 02, 2017

Listen :: Glasgow's Tijuana Bibles return with 'Pariah'

Words: Richard Cobb

Godfathers of the Glasgow music scene, Tijuana Bibles are back with new single ‘Pariah’   our today (June 2), which is as enthralling as it is terrifying.

The opening bassline is vaguely reminiscent of a Tame Impala tune or the bit in ‘I am the Resurrection’ where everyone loses their mind and no matter the surroundings, kick into some unforgiving dance moves in the form of heavy duty air bass peppered with a Haim like bass face. However, what follows is a completely different unhinged animal. The bass and drums are consistently prominent throughout the song, they essentially act as the song’s getaway drivers, allowing the wailing guitars and sharp vocals to effectively lean out the window, cigar in mouth painting the night with incessant machine gun fire.

Frontman Tony Costello has always come across as an undeniably confident and charismatic figure, but he’s definitely found new levels here. It sounds like he’s pushing himself to the limit: there’s a real Nick Cave vibe to his lyrics and delivery. It’s got all the swagger of ‘Red Right Hand’ and the dark ferocity of ‘Stagger Lee’ as Costello snarls out the chorus, “I’m a Pariah, I’m a Pariah.” Yet there’s also well-crafted delivery apparent in the verses, verging on rapping the vocals out at parts in a very individual style.

Since the folding of The Amazing Snakeheads in early 2015, the Scottish scene has been crying out in vain for someone with even a fraction of the energy and emotion evoked by frontman Dale Barclay which he poured into that band. On this evidence, Tijuana Bibles have relit that torch and certainly aren’t short of fuel.

Tijuana Bibles play two nights at
King Tuts in Glasgow on June 16 and 17. Tickets on sale here.

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