Friday, June 02, 2017

White Room are lining up a set of new material for Camden Rocks - Q + A

London's Camden Rocks starts rockin the streets of Camden on Saturday June 3.

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White Room

The Brighton exponents of psych-infused big riffs and crashing tambourines. Part Britpop, part psychedelia, with resonant drums and raucous vocal distortion from Jake Smallwood, show what this five-piece are about.

Camden Rocks - this your first time 'rocking Camden'?

Not our first time, no. We’ve had a few shows in Camden, most recently was actually the Camden Rocks Presents at Proud.

Do you have any special treats planned for your festival fans on the day?

Yes, indeed. We’ve got a load of new material in our set, which is all lined up to be released over the next few months.

Do you have a different focus playing festivals to a standard gig?

I think you naturally have a different mindset going into festival shows, yeah. You know the chances are a lot people often won’t have seen you before, and it’s quite likely they haven’t even heard of you, so it’s an opportunity to win people over who you might not have had the chance to otherwise. You also have to accept you might be clashing with other acts and people will inevitably come and go during the set. It’s our job to keep you there no matter who’s playing at the same time.

Where will you be playing and time?

The Winnicott at 8pm.

What is your favourite song in your set?

Hmm, that’s a tricky one. It changes from night to night really... We just played one of our new tracks 'Cable-Built Dreamland' for the first time at The Great Escape, which was really special. Looking forward to playing that one again for sure.

What do you like best about festival gigs?

Free festival tickets.

Ever had a festival disaster?

Haha, a few, yeah! Most recently was probably the puncture on our van's tyre after Leeds last year. Think we started trying to setting off for Brighton around 9am but didn’t actually manage get on the road till at least gone 4pm.

Can you remember the first festival you ever went to as a punter?

Yes, of course: Reading Festival.

Before or after the crowds catch your set at Camden Rocks, who else would be your festival must-see tip?

You’ve got to see Haus, The Blinders and Broken Witt Rebels.

Who else will you try and see on the day?

Looking forward to catching Fizzy Blood. There’s a huge line up this year so we’re just planning going round the venues and catching as much as we can.

(Questions answered by vocalist Jake Smallwood)

Find out more about White Room here.

For tickets and further information on Camden Rocks, head here.

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