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Live Review :: Weirds :: Brudenell Social Club, Leeds - Jun 7 2017



Brudenell Social Club, Leeds

June 7 2017

Words/Pictures: Danny Shackleton

Walking through Leeds on a fine June evening, with Weirds' brilliant debut album ‘Swarmculture’ in my ears, I could sense an air of anticipation especially upon reaching the student hotspot of the Brudenell, perhaps because of the Weirds hometown show but more likely due to the impending election.

Support comes from local lads Treeboy and Arc who put on a full-on show with some very good songs showcased during their turbulent set, and HCBP, who join Weirds on their tour around the country.

When the psych rockers themselves take to the stage for this hometown show, they bring the venue to life with opener ‘Past Life’ as an array of balloons, sharks and bananas find their way into the crowd that is already in full swing with various pits breaking out down the front and a chorus of balloons being popped during every song by stamping feet. One of the setlists I managed to get hold of was actually written on the back of the tag from the packet of balloons.

As is almost now the norm with Weirds, half the band are already topless as ‘Old World Blues’ resonated around the room, with the intensity ramped up higher thanks to the passion emanating from the stage. There's no disputing the crowd were truly blown away by the force of the band they were witnessing, many of whom were seeing them for the third or fourth time tonight.

Ratcheting up the tension yet again, singer Aidan Razzall makes his now customary appearance in the pits, pacing rapidly around his fixated fans. As we move towards the end of the set, personal favourites ‘Salamander's Sister’ and ‘Phantom’ sound exquisite live and add another level to the already brilliant album versions. As ‘Phantom’ is played, Weirds show there is no boundaries during their live shows as the drum kit is moved to the top of the step and they finish the set in the middle of the pit with ‘Weird Sun’ demonstrating how a Weirds gig is an experience that must be lived at least once - and one that will no doubt leave you wanting more.

Speaking to the band after their spellbinding set, it was clear to see they have a purpose and an agenda to keep making music that excites. And with the kind of incendiary live show they produce, there seems little doubt Weirds have plenty more yet to offer when it comes to excitement.

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