Saturday, June 17, 2017

Norway's The Fjords' new single ‘Lost’ details an abusive relationship

Words: Sam Geary

From Trondheim, Norway come The Fjords with their new single ‘Lost’ - a soaring  dark themed narrative on escaping an abusive relationship - released yesterday (June 16) via Propeller Recordings.

"'Lost' is about the long and hazardous way out of an abusive relationship. It’s about finding your way out of a fantasy world that's been pulled over your eyes,” says frontman and head songwriter Petter Vagån, of the electro pop track with its driving percussion and deep bass that build towards a climax of throbbing synths and choral motifs in its memorable chorus.

"I got to witness how a person can manipulate and grind down another persons sense of reality and self worth,” Petter continues. “A friend of mine found herself in an emotionally abusive relationship that started to take a turn towards physical abuse. It took some time for her to regain her own perspective and see the world untainted by his sickened narrative, a slow descent from a dark place. Now she's back, and free."

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