Monday, June 05, 2017

[Video] Slothrust - Pigpen

Directed and produced by CJ Riehl, Brooklyn-based trio Slothrust share the video to their single 'Pigpen',  the final track off their 2016 album 'Everyone Else'.

When talking about the video, lead singer Leah Wellbaum said: “We wanted to make a music video that stands on its own as a piece of art. Everyone who worked on this had an extreme focus on compelling, surreal imagery and concepts. Our intention was to make a type of music video that we haven’t made before, and don’t see very often.”

“‘Pigpen’ portrays a dream sequence taking place in Leah’s mind as she floats in an isolation tank, which isn’t revealed until the end of the video,” Riehl explains. “Leah’s surroundings and presentation changes several times, even within the same scene. This is representational of the many layers and facets of our identities, especially within queer orientation and politics.”

Watch above.

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