Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Little Indie Roundtable Review - w/e July 28 2017

This week our three guest reviewers take on another five new tracks and give them a spin through the headphones before they then air their opinion on each.

This week's panel: rock photographer Alan Wells; Little Indie contributor Sam Geary; Jonny Alderton, drummer with Paris Youth Foundation.


The Nottingham teen pop-punksters (four girls and one guy) unleashed their debut single ‘Control’ on July 7. A riotous and confident belter of a song from the teenagers, that has already led them on to stages that include the Y Not and Dot To Dot Festivals.

Alan Wells: Absolutely loved this. At 1.43, it’s all over a bit quick but the punk riffs and bassline are infectious and the vocals feel like they are delivered straight into your face. I want to see this band live, now! 4/5

Sam Geary: Like Alan says, there is that 'must see these' buzz about their sound. Just a debut, so let's see what they follow with. 3.5/5

Jonny Alderton: Not really my thing. Nice DIY sound to it, feel like these would be more enjoyable jumping round in a mosh pit to rather than put it on through my headphones. Good energy though and sweet bass tone. 3/5

Total score: 10.5/15

Debut from Lisbon-based electro-pop duo. An alluring electronica offering that sings the exciting enticement of temptation. The track starts off with singer-songwriter Mickey Shiloh’'s enchanting vocal and a steady, slow-moving African kizomba beat, added to with oriental percussion and Arabic strings.

AW: This would fit straight into any club classic album you want to name. Not normally my thing at all, but the smooth, slow electronica groove just aches to be listened to while watching the sunset in Ibiza. 5/5

SG: Great vocal opening, smooth vibes. Lot going on, musically, which makes it interesting. 4/5

JA: Instantly like this. Really nice production and lovely pop vibe. Vocals bleed hints of Banks. Solid track, would like to hear more. 4/5

Total score: 13/15

A breakneck paced slab of punked up art-rock, ‘Propaganda’ typifies the Glasgow band's penchant for penning instantly memorable pop nuggets, with a sardonic and knowing sense of self. Taken from their debut album In Memory Of, due this autumn via Modern Sky. Frontman Chris McCrory describes it as "a bad reaction to a hellish night spent up to my neck in landfill indie and cheap pints. A drunken epiphany on the dance floor, when you realise you’re very, very lost."

AW: Slightly too pop orientated for me. It has some nice moments but ultimately needs more. If you like your indie safe with an 80s tinge, then this is for you. 3/5

SG: A lads' singalong! Too much synth for me, which should have had a meatier bass and drums going on. 3/5

JA: Like a combination of Joy Division and Vampire Weekend. Short and sweet as well (perfect for radio). 3/5

Total score: 9/15

Released July 21, Glasgow alt-rockers Nieves drop the second track to be taken from their upcoming debut album. Emotive guitars, insistent rhythms and sensitive lyrics. Vocalist Brendan Dafters describes the track as "a pulsing pop song about substance abuse and internal struggle."

AW: Nothing really excited me about this track, it isn’t really bad, it just didn’t resonate with me. It felt like I’d heard the same song many times before over the last two decades, anthemic, soft metal. 2/5

SG: Beautifully atmospheric. This band always deliver on lyrical quality too. 4/5

JA: Love the feel of this track, and a really strong message. The guitars and the synth work really well together, and the vocals sit really strong. There's lots of emotion in the chorus, but perhaps a little muddy and overpowering at times. Looking forward to the album. 4/5

Total score: 10/15

London-based five-piece share their new single from their self-titled, debut mini-album, which is released on August 25 via Arts & Crafts. Pairing the hypnotic pop of Jeff Buckley and Fleetwood Mac with the salt-of-the-earth songwriting of Bob Seger and John Mellencamp. A hazy rocker akin to Kurt Vile.

AW: The track is solid - but missing something. It builds well with layers of sound, but I expected a more rousing chorus; it falls at that hurdle, never quite reaching the heights I wanted. The guitar tone is beautiful throughout, I’d be really interested to see how this sounds live and whether or not it can deliver some more punch. 3.5/5

SG: This should appeal to the American market. Nice use of vocal effects and guitar. 4/5

JA: Really nice atmosphere to this track; intro gives off a vibe of The xx. Lovely rhythm throughout the verses along with really cool layers and guitars tones which fill the mids nicely. Vocals almost add a spooky post punk element to the track. 4/5

Total score: 11.5/15

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