Monday, July 31, 2017

Little Indie Roundtable Review - w/e August 4 2017

This week our three guest reviewers take on another five new tracks and give them a spin through the headphones before they then air their opinion on each.

This week's panel: Digital radio plugger Tim Britton; Craig Sharp, label manager at Vibe/Anti-Vibe Records; Little Indie contributor Leah Raymond.

Nashville fivesome share an early indie pop dancefloor taster from their second album, 'Closer', to be released on September 8 via Mom+Pop.

Tim Britton: Got to admit I fell into the trap of expecting something totally different with the mention of Nashville. Catchy tune, anthemic, made me tap my foot (always a good sign), so can hear its appeal but would I remember it tomorrow? 3/5

Craig Sharp: This fits into the indie-pop 2017 landscape so comfortably that you can skip it confident that you're missing nothing. Music for an advert. 1/5.

Leah Raymond: Disco babes. Not bad, if you're looking for something dancey, but not for me otherwise. 2.5/5

Total score: 6.5/15

New single from the Birmingham garage rock trio, released July 28 on Punk Slime Recordings, and which follows their self-titled debut EP of May.

TB: Love the opening riff with the sort of 'edge' I look for. Unfair to say its a bad song, but after that it was a bit bland for my tastes. Listening again can hear the 60s influence. 3/5

CS: Nice interplay of very soft, gentle track with the singer saying he's a "tough guy". They're from Birmingham and may have spent too much time trying to sound like Wavves/Ty Segall. We already had Wavves and Ty Segall and now you want The Terror Watts? It's 2017. We can't even have the NHS. 3/5

LR: I love the opening too, and disagree with Tim as it's not at all bland for me. Good tune. 4/5

Total score: 10/15

Premiered by Annie Mac on Radio 1, this the fourth single from the London punks since signing with Infectious Music. A ballsy, explosive take on British rock that encapsulates their visceral raw sound.

TB: Caught my attention from the first note. Would definitely want to see this band live and seek out more of their music. Love a band with this sort of energy. Wondering how I have missed them until now. 4/5

CS: I think this is aimed at pre-pubescent boys and girls so I'm clearly not the right person to piss on their cornflakes. But if they did want me to do that I'd be happy to because they'll probably be huge and we all have our vices. 1/5.

LR: I have seen them live and there's plenty of attitude and energy, as you can tell here. Trouble is, this song doesn't really do it for me. 3/5

Total score: 8/15

From the just released second album 'Sleep' by the Alaskan band. A mix of ethereal wave, shoegaze, dreampop and post-punk.

TB: Just edged out Dead! for me as I love this genre. Beautiful track reminiscent musically of the Cocteau Twins for me. The sort of band you want to see if you've had a bad day, just stick your head in the speakers and forget about everything. Lovely and will seeking more. 5/5

CS: Slow motion dream-pop. Pretty "bleh". 2/5

LR: Really spacey and atmospheric. Thought may be instrumental track, so the lo-fi gossamer vocal addition gives an extra gloss point. 4/5

Total score: 11/15

The London five-piece are back with new single, written in Wales and recorded in Gothenburg, Sweden. Shimmering indie with infectious, jangly melodies and Steven Anderson-Howard’s rich vocals are bolstered by atmospheric production of Anders Lagersford.

TB: Promising start, interesting rhythms and vocals going on, lost it a bit on the chorus for me. Took a few more plays and turning it up to grow on me. The lesson is sometimes you do have to give music a chance before rushing on to the next thing. 4/5

CS: I don't know if I've had a serious head injury recently or if all these bands are just ripping off things I've already heard. Will FAERS be the last of their kind? Please? 1/5

LR: Not sure if I like this or not - changed my mind on each hearing! Can't put my finger in what it is, so will have to go half way on mark. 2.5/5

Total score: 7.5/15

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