Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Watch :: Bare Traps - All In You

Words: Sam Geary

London-based Bare Traps share the video to latest single release ‘All In You’, a glistening synth track that blends guitar and a bouncy drum beat with a sun-drenched trop pop groove.

Bare Traps explain more on the concept behind the video.

“The video concept came from the futility of trying to shoot a summer video in British weather. We wanted to try and reflect the tropical vibes of the song, but hoping for tropics in London was a bit of a long shot. I mean, the song starts with the line, 'In the summer rain...' We thought it'd be funny if we had a director that wanted to try and give the video a summer feel but do it really badly, so that's what happened. It was a fun video to make, so hopefully that shines through, because the sun sure as hell wasn't shining when we filmed it!”

Bare Traps play London's Sebright Arms tonight (July 11) supporting XY&O.

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