Monday, September 11, 2017

Little Indie Roundtable Review - w/e September 15 2017

This week our three guest reviewers take on another five new tracks and give them a spin through the headphones before they then air their opinion on each.

This week's panel: David Macnab, guitarist with rising Teesside band Llovers; Ellie Ward, Little Indie assistant editor; guitarist with Sheffield alt-rockers RALE, Dino Sofos.

The Brooklyn-based trio build up to the release of their debut album 'No Kidding!' on October 27 via Axis Mundi Records, with this first single. Lead singer Mike Tony leads wild vocals over NYC rock'n'roll.

David Macnab: Really dig the guitar tones, the vocalist has a proper interesting style. I imagine they’d be really good live, like it’d be a proper performance. Really cool stuff 4/5

Ellie Ward: This sounds so retro, yet fresh too. Love it! 4/5

Dino Sofos: Lovely, rich and textured production on this. The vocal is very David Byrne and I'm a big Talking Heads fan so it works for me. Melodically and lyrically, I actually enjoyed the verses more than the chorus. Love that guitar solo too. 4/5

Total score: 12/15

Debut single from London-based Scottish duo (Shaun from Glasgow, and Julie from Stirling), premiered by Mistajam on BBC Radio One last week. It’s a twisted love song – an ode to both heartbreak and obsession.

DM: Didn’t think I’d give anything a 5, but here I go. Really, really interesting production style. Ace track, just helped me discover a new band! There isn’t much about them on their social media either, would love to know more. 5/5

EW: I'm not quite as enamored as David, but agree on the production. 3.5/5

DS: Enjoyed the production on this one, but the song doesn't do anything for me, I'm afraid. 1/5

Total score: 9.5/15

London outfit follow previous singles 'A Lie' and 'Animal' with the third cut off of their forthcoming debut EP 'Never Let The Devil In', set for release in October. Pop sensibilities meld with infectious rhythms and an anthemic chorus. Vocalist Lewis Knaggs says the song is about "moving through life too fast and feeling like you can’t quite keep up. It’s from the point of view of being with someone that has this effect on you as well."

DM: Pretty good stuff, great vocal range on the singer. Some lovely harmonies as well. 3/5

EW: This rocks along, and can see if they have a strong live presence they could be big. 3/5

DS:  I've not had the pleasure of seeing these guys play, unfortunately, but they sound like they'd be a great live band and this is a decent indie rock song. But not the sort of the thing I'll be rushing to add to my playlist. 2/5

Total score: 8/15

Recorded between a decommissioned nuclear bunker and their home in Wrexham, North Wales, the new indie pop jam from the quintet. Blending energetic guitar work, buoyant percussion, with bouncy beat and idiosyncratic vocals. The band’s debut album is set to arrive this November.

DM: Enjoying the singer's delivery of his vocals a lot. Cool voice, interesting song! 4/5

EW: I think we all agree: interesting! Quirky, catchy, with great vocal delivery. Like the guitars too. 4/5

DS: Nice song: I particularly enjoyed the schizophrenic guitar work - really interesting sound that contrasts nicely with a fairly conventional melancholy pop song. If I was a lazy music journalist, I'd compare them to Orange Juice. 3/5

Total score: 11/15

Out October 6, the Brighton blues rockers follow their debut single ‘Make Amends’ with this new release. A bleak cry of desperation from the silken voiced Mark S. Aaron, set to a jovial 60s doo-wop backing; ‘Come Back To Me’ is a tale of misplaced arrogance and eventual, bleary-eyed madness. Drawing influence from writer-keyboardist Mike Lord’s own childhood experience of parental relationships, categorized by non-communication, secrets and lies, and subsequent breakdown.

DM: The blend between the male and female vocals really makes the track stand out. Not really a song I’d listen to, though that doesn’t mean I don’t think it's a good song. 3/5

EW: Mark Aaron's vocal makes this. 3.5/5

DS: Good pop song and builds well. Nice tight bass and drums. Not setting my world alight though. 2/5

Total score: 8.5/15

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