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Live Review :: Fling :: Hyde Park Book Club, Leeds - Oct 13 2017



Hyde Park Book Club, Leeds

October 13 2017

Words/Pictures: Danny Shackleton

Stopping off close to their Bradford base in Leeds for a sold-out show on their current tour, Fling brought their self-described 'wonky pop', and the party, to the rather quaint Hyde Park Book Club. Stirring the attention recently with multiple radio plays and various Spotify playlist additions, as well as several single releases, this was as good a time as ever to see these home-grown lads.

Rocking up on ‘stage’ - I say stage but it was just really the front of the tiny venue - with vocalist Charles McSorley looking like a young John Lydon, the band hurl themselves straight into proceedings getting into people’s faces from the start. All the songs from the set tonight were met as if off their greatest hits album, with the crowd knowing every word to every song. Combining their influences of the 60s and 70s with their own modern twist, the sound that they have managed to produce is very impressive and should stand up well in the current scene.

A personal highlight of the set for me was ‘21st Century’ which offers a social commentary on the current climate backed up by very catchy melodies, while new song (and recent Little Indie Track Of The Day) ‘That’s Nice’ resonates around the room and fills people's ears with its groovy little soundtrack.

Their fans demanded one more song from the group, not that they had much choice of course as they weren’t getting through the capacity crowd until they gave them what they wanted. ‘Fling Or Die’ was the song of choice - and boy did it go down a treat with everyone joining in with the chanting in what was a brilliant finale to a top set. Slowly but surely turning heads, this is a band on the up aiming for bigger and better things, which after tonight’s performance could definitely be in the very near future.

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