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Five minutes with... WULFMAN FURY

First up in the hot seat for Little Indie's 2018 series of 'Five minutes with...' is emerging Sheffield garage-rock five-piece Wulfman Fury. Run down to the end for details of how you can win a pair of tickets to see the band live in the coming weeks.

Wulfman Fury are: George Moran (vocals), Joe Moran (guitar, backing vocals), Steve Harrison (bass), Will Severs (keys), David Mitchell (drums)

So, hello....who is answering here?

George Moran: No probs, it's me, George, and Joe.

And how and where do we find your good selves at this point?

GM: We are currently sat in my ‘Fox Den’ studio we have just been doing a bit of writing tonight finishing a new tune ready for the upcoming This Feeling shows.

Now, you are not a solo venture so don't hog the limelight, introduce us to your fellow band members and their respective parts within the unit.

GM: Me and Dave the drummer have been in a band before. Will, on keys, works at my studio as a freelance producer.

Joe Moran: Me and George are brothers and I used to be in a band with Will, so it works quite well having worked with each other previously and knowing each others musical styles. Our bassist Steve is our internet weirdo.

George, I understand you used to be part of Miles Kane's band. Was it that that inspired you to kick out on your own venture?

GM: Yes, I toured solidly with Miles for four years. A lot of fun, got to see some of the world and learnt a lot. All the previous bands I've been in, touring with Miles and building my own studio, has all built up to this band. It just happens to be now that I have time to commit to it.

Wulfman Fury, the name, then - why and how? Is it like, 'cause you is all wolfy - and very angry too?

GM: Actually, Wulfman is a surname. Think of how you pronounce Goldman Sachs - it's the same with us. Not ‘Wolf man.’ And the surname is a whole story in itself.

JM: We’re a pretty chilled out group of people! Unlike the music, which is energetic and tight. We were described as ‘unrelenting and ferocious’ by Clash magazine, so maybe the name reflects some sort of caged animal - with the intensity of a wild animal.

Acting as your own PR, for those who don't know you, give us the spin on Wulfman Fury, the band, the music

JM: Sheffield garage-rock five-piece. If indie/alternative/rock music is what you’re into, then you might like our sound. For people who are fans of The Strokes, Interpol, Jack White, Peter Bjorn and John, Black Angels. We’ve had a really good reception in Sheff so far - all our gigs based in the city have sold out. It’s great to be part of a buzzing music scene and see how much people want something new instead of chart shit. We’ve got gigs coming up in Leeds, Manchester, Doncaster, London and Paris...and we’re really hoping to get on the festival scene this year.

Sheffield band, lot of good stuff from those parts. Do you feel you have a lot to live up to?

JM: Yeah, Sheffield’s always had a good rep for its musical talent and upcoming/unsigned artists, so you want to make good sounding stuff to keep the reputation alive. Bands like High Hazels and Sheafs are doing really well at the moment-its just a question of exposure. The north definitely lacks the attention the south gets, so it's really great when a band like us gets coverage.

You were named by Little Indie, and others too, as 'one to watch' this year  - no pressure then! - so what should we be particularly noting about the Wulfman style?

GM: As we only launched three months ago It's great to have the likes of yourselves and Mikey at This Feeling pushing us as ‘ones to watch’, so thanks.

JM: We’re trying to keep with the lo-fi garage sound - so we’re often referring to bands like The Strokes and Richard Swift for influence when writing and recording. People seem to be digging it. And when it comes to live, we go the extra mile to put on a bad ass show and get people moving.

When you first came together and presumably said something along the lines of, "hey, let's form a band!", was it a meeting of musical minds on the style and sound you would adopt, or did you have a few squabbles?!

GM: Well, I started the project with Dave originally. We were just writing and recording demos in the studio with “garage strokes vibe” in our heads. It all came together so fast and just felt great from the offset. As soon as I came up with the name I started to think of who I could get involved. I picked wisely. We have grown into a brotherly unit.

JM: We’re all good songwriters. We’ve not necessarily all written in this style before and we come from a range of musical backgrounds, but that works in our favour, and we all work really well together. There’s no ego in this band - we all chip in with ideas and go with whatever sounds big.

You brought out your debut single last year - very favourably received by us! - what have you got lined up for this year, product-wise?

GM: We are filming our third video next week and planning to put it out first week of February. We're also just deciding on a single for March time. We have 26 recorded tracks so we are finding it hard to decide which ones to push first.

I gather 'Nightsweats' was written about the experience of sleep paralysis? Can you explain?

JM: Me and George have both had this. Sleep paralysis is basically where your minds wakes up while your body is still asleep. So you’re trapped in your own body and have these fucking mad hallucinations. I’ve had creatures pinning me down, wires wrapped around me and been crushed against the ceiling, but then you wake up and you’re sound.

I heard there is another release coming - 'Waterslide'? Given the inspiration for 'Nightsweats' previously, was this about an unfortunate incident on a waterslide? Or does it have some hidden connotation?

JM: 'Waterside' is the next track we’ll be releasing, as mentioned. It’s a bit groovier and sexier than the previous two. It’s basically about tripping at a waterpark with a girl. But, yeah, the name ‘Waterslide’ does have a  sleazier connotation!

Writing and crafting a song, getting in the studio to record it, playing it live on stage - put the three in order of preference and explain why.

JM: This is a tough one for me. I love the process of writing and recording, but playing live and getting people dancing is what it’s really all about.

GM: I think your order is correct. The most important is how good the song itself actually is. The live part is the most fun for me, but I'm also equally at home in my studio. I think we enjoy every side of it, to be honest.

What is influencing you right now? Are there any certain styles you'd like to try or artists that you look at and think you'd like to try a cover of?

GM: Not interested in doing a cover at the moment. I’m buzzing off the more lo-fi garage bands. Ones that are self-produced. Often with a very basic home set up rather than your Noel Gallagher's who record in multi-million pound studios. Unknown Mortal Orchestra are one. Their first album was done with one £80 SM57 vocal mic and it sounds ace.

To quote one of your song titles, 'Draw The Line', where would you 'draw the line', either artistically or other?

JM: I’d draw the line at jeans and flip flops. I’d draw the line at going on a night out to Carver Street in Sheffield. ‘Draw The Line’ is actually about a friend of ours who couldn’t put an end to his antics on a night out and didn’t know when to stop.

GM: Yeah, I would ‘draw the line’ on flip flops and socks.

You now have a few sentences for your big plug to push whatever you might want to promote. Use it wisely. Go...

JM: Keep your eyes peeled early February for ‘Waterslide’ and the video for it. And catch us at one of our shows too.

Finally, spill your words of wisdom you'd like to impart to the nation. If you have none, say 'pass'.

JM: Never trust anyone who doesn’t like dogs.

GM: Never trust a white man with dreadlocks.

Words: Linn Branson

Live dates

21 Jimmys, Manchester (This Feeling Big in 2018)

06 Le Pop In, Paris, FR
07 Le Chaplier Toque, Clermont-Ferrand, FR
10 The Lending Room, Leeds
17 Cafe Totem, Sheffield
22 The Monarch, London

31 Picturehouse Social, Sheffield

03 Social Bar, Doncaster

04 Leadmill, Sheffield w/ High Hazels

Find out more about Wulfman Fury on Facebook


Courtesy of promoters This Feeling, we have one pair of tickets to see Wulfman Fury in either Manchester on January 21, or London on February 22.

For a chance of winning, simply send us your name and which date you'd like to attend, in an email to: littleindieblogs@gmail.com

All entries to be received by January 16 2018. The winner will be contacted the same day.

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