Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Listen :: Brooklyn duo Dizzyride go Sopranos retro on 'Roma Lento'

Words: Linn Branson

Not having been on any previous 'dizzy rides' with er, Brooklyn-based duo Dizzyride, this new number from them, 'Roma Lento', raised a few chuckles at Little Indie HQ as we weren't sure at first if it was a parody - well watch the video if you don't believe us!

We're still not quite sure about vocalist Nicola Donà and his Canadian songstress dancing partner Zoë Kiefl, but this is pretty easy on the ear with his deep, soulful, heavy breathing voice (which weirdly sounds like an Italian hybrid version of Leonard Cohen and Nick Cave) embedded in a kind of 80s electronic psychedelic time-warp. Judging by their previous 'Candy Lullaby' and 'Young You', this seems to be much their thing.

"The video was shot in the East Village while in the process of watching the Sopranos series for the second time," they say. Ah, that explains it then. It's certainly different, anyway.

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