Monday, January 08, 2018

Track Of The Day :: Paisley Sundae - L.U.V

Words: Linn Branson

Barnsley (Yorkshire) foursome Paisley Sundae made their debut in 2016 with 'Had Someone'. Since that time they appear to have ventured out with a few more numbers, and various YouTube demo uploads. Their latest being 'L.U.V'.

'L.U.V' - released on January 19 2018 - is their second official single, and not half bad - hence it being awarded Track Of The Day. They say that "it's guaranteed to take you by surprise" - which it may well, if you're one of their clued up fans; but if you have otherwise never heard them, you may just think, "hey, this isn't bad at all." Which in itself, is, of course, no bad thing.

It kicks off like a Yorkshire Spaghetti Western meets the 60s guitar band The Tornadoes, before settling down into a dark rummage of post-punk/alt-rock, which spreads out across the rest of its sub-four-minutes.

The band say on their Facebook: "2017 has been a mad year. We’ve lost & gained a guitarist, reached 130,000 listens on Spotify, had our first mosh pit at a gig, played to 2,500 at the o2 Indigo when we supported Razorlight then played to a man and a dog a week later." Hopefully, 2018 will pan out on a more even keel. 'L.U.V' is a good start.

Live dates

13 Prince of Wales, Wombwell, Barnsley
20 Cutlers, Rotherham

03 Ship Inn, Barnsley

01 Ward Green Club, Barnsley

Paisley Sundae are: Mason Harris (vocals, rhythm guitar), Josh Whitehurst (lead guitar), Henry Swift (bass), Owen Galloway (drums)

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