Tuesday, February 06, 2018

Track Of The Day / Interview :: Dose - Furniture

Credit: Chris Bishop

Our Track Of The Day comes from emerging Newcastle five-piece Dose, who on this just released debut single 'Furniture' - produced by MJ of Hookworms - deliver an hypnotic blend of layers of krautrock rhythms dominated by the continuous drum and guitar lines; the dark spoken word vocals and sonic reverb which run through it, adding to the atmospheric soundscape.

Who are you? 

I'm Sean Turland, vocalist and guitarist with Newcastle band Dose. When we play live, myself and Ewan Barr are both on vocals and guitar. On 'Furniture' it is specifically Ewan doing the spoken word and I'm the sung vocals, but it varies between tracks. Our tracks are predominately written and recorded by myself and Ewan, but the full band includes bassist Matthew Collerton, guitar, synth and samples from Sam Campbell, and drummer Joe Donkin.

Tell us something about yourself and how you came to be where you are today? 

​We've been together under many iterations since 2015, discovering our sound. We've had a really positive local response since we started playing live, and this has helped us to progress to headlining shows at prestigious venues like The Riverside.

Give us an idea of your musical style and influencesm

We've never set out to emulate a certain band or genre, but listening to Slint changed our approach to songwriting and dynamics. Stylistically we're not too sure which genre best describes us - there's influences there from art rock, slowcore, krautrock and noise rock; even some of the early math-rock records (Polvo, Swirlies etc). Recently we've also found ourselves inspired by the lyrical themes of Duster.

Explain the production and writing process behind your songs.

The songwriting process varies between tracks, but typically they start off as a guitar loop which either myself or Ewan have written individually. Then we'll sit down as a duo and piece together a track, before bringing it to the rest of the band where it's slowly shaped and refined over a couple of months. The lyrics have recently arisen from introspection; we usually work on them once the tracks fully formed so they align with the atmosphere of the instrumentation.

Tell us a little about your new single.

The song ‘​Furniture' arose from our experience practicing in our squalid, decaying studio. About half a year ago we were searching for our own place to write, rehearse and record demos. Being based in Newcastle, the area is extremely deprived of creative spaces to work in so the best we could find was a disused loft space. It includes all the luxury utilities from running water provided by the leaking ceiling to it’s very own funghi garden in one corner. An abandoned bedroom seemingly frozen from the 70s in the room next door inspired us to write about loneliness in a deteriorating house, whose furniture is stagnant as the walls and ceiling crumble around it.

Can we catch up with you at any forthcoming live shows?

After months out working on other various North East projects (Seeing Hands, Primitive Painters, Roxy Girls), we're playing our first headline show of the year on March 2 at The Cluny in Newcastle to celebrate the release of our debut single, and with the help of Mitchell Dilley we've created a full projection film to coincide with our live set.

We are also doing:
February 7 - Head of Steam w/ A Sudden Burst of Colour & American Clay
April 15 - Cumberland Arms w/ Sugar Candy Mountain
May 3 - The Cluny w/ Pinkshinyultrablast
More dates tbc.

How's the rest of the year looking, plans-wise?

We've got some exciting Newcastle support slots in the coming months  - as above - and a few plans for further releases and UK dates lined up...

Where can we hear more of your music?

Spotify, Soundcloud and iTunes.

What social media platforms can we find with you on? 

Facebook // Instagram // Twitter // Website

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