Thursday, March 08, 2018

Chasing Laika make a languid debut with 'Lazy Afternoon'

Words: Amelia Callister

This is a curious one. If you weren't already reading this, I would say: hit play on the video, close your eyes and guess where this band hails from. If you haven't scrolled down and read - do it now.

'Lazy Afternoon' is the first single - released last month - from Chasing Laika, a five-piece band from... where would you say? America? Canada? In fact, this dreamy sounding outfit come from... New Delhi, India.

This debut track is very much summed up by the title. Catchy, languid melodies floating on top of rich chords, hip alt-jazz influenced grooves and a lush soundscape just perfect for a lazy afternoon listen.

Chasing Laika are: Sachitananda Bista - vocals; Aniruddha Wattal - guitars; Ashrey Goel - keys; Sonic Shori - bass; Siddharth Jain - drums

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