Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Track Of The Day :: Dame Jean - Wasted Love

Photo: Michaela M C Lucas

Words: Linn Branson

Wrapped up in a fraction over two minutes, Dame Jean have unveiled their first single ‘Wasted Love’, which they have debuted with a video showcase.

Having been quietly acquiring a name for themselves on the gig circuit over the last 12 months, the Bath-based outfit, led by the enigmatic Sammy Crocker, now channel their vivacious punk 'n' roll with a slide of rolling, angular riffs, a head-bangers' mosh-pit of frenzied rhythms, and the confident swagger of frontman Crocker, whose raw vocals kick a punk finesse.

So far, so standard - though that's not related to 'Wasted Love' itself, which is ultimately radio- as well as gig-friendly - but where Dame Jean depart is in their deliberately vetoing social media. Now that is not unknown for some artists to not have say, a Twitter or Instagram presence, but to avoid the whole shebang - bar their own website and a few Instagram pictures - may prove to be either groundbreaking, or foolhardy.

 "There are so many ‘rock’ bands out there at the moment and so much music available, but I think the draw of Dame Jean is its honesty," Crocker stated last year to Hunger TV. "We’re not trying to show you how massive our riffs are, or prove we’re some virtuoso geniuses. Dame Jean is very real, and I think people get that when they hear the music or see us perform live, and it becomes a lot more immersive and inclusive."

And that 'inclusive' element is partly why they are seeking to create a more genuine bridge between artist and fans, engaging as personally and organically as possible, without recourse to an online presence. They believe a privately owned website should not hold such prominence in how we all engage with music today.

For now, you can check them out only on their website and in the flesh at the upcoming live events.

Live dates

04 Fiddlers Club, Bristol (w/ Wayne Hussey)

02 Camden Rocks Festival, London

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