Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Track Of The Day :: Junky Love - Hooked

Words: Linn Branson

Junky Love's 'Hooked' is making a rare second appearance on Little Indie. Firstly, when we featured the London alt-rock 'n' roll trio's track last month in our 'Hot Picks' it was still no more than a baby demo. That has now been removed online (boo!), but never fear, as they've gone and growed it all up, proper like, in a fancy studio and all, and it's now being officially released (hurrah!) on digital platforms on April 13 via their own label, Red Thread Records.

Recorded at Studio 9 (Brian Jonestown Massacre, War on Drugs, Pete Doherty) in London, with Doug Shearer (Gorillaz, Kasabian) mastering it, 'Hooked' would have a good start enough, but Axel Loughrey and Deniz Erdal have really shaped this demo into a really strong, really good - even good-er than it was originally - feisty, guitar-driven alt-rock debut single, that should, if there's any justice, prove a launch pad for the band.

The song's inspiration was rather an intriguing one, as they told Little Indie, it related "to a catfish who targeted Axel [vocalist] on the net along with other musicians. Still to this day we do not know who the catfish was, obviously due to privacy few won’t name any of the other musicians who were catfished. We do name Courtney Love as she was involved, but that’s all we’ll say for now."

'Hooked' will be joined in a few weeks by a music video, and there's a second single, 'Love & Lust', already lined up for June.

They play their first live show on May 3 at London's Underbelly. And have been confirmed for Open, Norwich on June 1. Watch out for more added via their Facebook.

Junky Love are: Axel Loughrey (lead vocals, bass, guitar harmonica), Deniz Erdal (guitar, backing vocals), Chris Corrigan (drums, backing vocals).

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