Wednesday, March 28, 2018

EP Review :: Acrylic - All I Am



All I Am

March 30 2018 (Scottish Fiction)


Words: Ellie Ward

The first EP from Scottish alt-pop-rock five-piece Acrylic sees them lyrically field a stream of brooding darkness and anxiety, through their work, or at least that which makes up this four-track collection, that is siphoned through an atmospheric soundscape.

From its ominous, building opening, the dark undercurrent of 'Where I Lie' is kept in focus while around it textures of layered guitars and melancholic sonics play, with Andreas Christodoulidis's vocals that are plaintive, yet bold. 'In Here / Tonight' takes a lighter approach with irregular percussion filters scattered through soaring melodies.

By the time we reach the sensitive and sweet 'Overrun' the listener will have picked up the feel of Acrylic. Here the math-rock influences become more pronounced, providing an interesting counter-balance to Christodoulidis's low register vocal delivery.

The closing title track goes for broke on a seven-minute blissed-out epic of dreamy, solemn instrumental strains; the building kick from the midway point bringing both track and record to life, thereby proving the adage of saving the best till last.

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