Friday, March 16, 2018

Track Of The Day :: SHRINE - You're A Stranger

Words: Linn Branson

'You're a Stranger' is the debut release from new Salford RnB electro-pop duo, Jack Richards and Ingrid Lisman, aka SHRINE.

Now Richards is perhaps better known as the bassist with another well-known outfit (which at this juncture we are sworn to secrecy on...), but he is striking out on a completely different, but not unwelcome, note with this project. Combining ambient synth textures with electronic drums and lo-fi, seductive vocals, if there is more of a similar ilk in the offing, it's unlikely they'll be a stranger for long.

"Ingrid is the lead vocalist and I do backing vocals and play bass and synth bass whilst operating electronic drums and synths via my Macbook," Jack tells Little Indie. "We are promoting ourselves as a duo, however, we will have an extra guitarist for the live set-up."

And although they have no live dates currently confirmed, with their second single coming next month and then a four-track EP in June, you can tell they will be itching to get out and play the material live.

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