Monday, April 30, 2018

Voodoos will cast a spell on you with 'Turn Me Into Juice'

Words: Linn Branson

After releasing ‘Garden Ornaments' last month, Glasgow’s Voodoos return to pack a big, swaggering rock 'n' roll punch on new single, ‘Turn Me Into Juice'.

Produced by Johnny Madden (of Baby Strange) and Chris Marshall at 7 West Studios, ‘Turn Me Into Juice' is barely two and half minutes long, but with its catchy beat and finger on an energetic rock pulse, it is hard to resist or not to move to.

Which somewhat belies its subject matter as the band's Piero Marcuccilli explains:

“The song is about the feeling of impending doom after a night out, it’s something most of us have felt I’m sure. Replaying things over and over in your head of things you’ve said and done. It’s not a pretty sight but writing a song about it can help ease the pain a bit.”

Voodoos play Stag & Dagger, Glasgow on May 6.

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