Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Watch :: SONS release gun laws/mental health awareness visuals for 'Marco (What's going on)'

Brighton two-piece SONS have released a video to accompany new track, 'Marco (What's going on).

Directed by Graham Cullis, the message of the four-minute visual, he explains, is "primarily to promote mental health illness awareness and how we need to cure the mind to help prevent tragedy that often occurs due to ignorance of others dismissing the people that need help."

The video, shot on location at SONS show last month at Sebright Arms in London, intercuts live performance with news footage of the Nairobi mall massacre in Kenya, the aftermath of the Dunblane Primary School in Scotland, and shootings in the USA such as the Stoneman Douglas High School incident.

The video also contains some images of the Never Again campaign: an American student-led gun control organization that advocates for tighter regulations to prevent gun violence.

SONS are fully behind any campaign aimed at tightening gun laws and making people more responsible with their firearms so that they never end up in the wrong hands again.

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